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This is Shubham Singh, Founder & CEO of Company "VARTIKA DEVELOPERS GROUP OF COMPANIES". Born on 5th of July 2002 in a Village "KANAKPUR" of "Faizabad" district of "Uttar Pradesh". His Father name is Mr. Vinod Kumar Singh "Chairman" of the company and Mother is Mrs. Anita Singh "Director" of the company. Shubham is An IIT Aspirant. And while preparing for IIT he told his father that he want to setup a company for helping out the student in learning their interset. And Startup with The Company "VARTIKA DEVELOPERS". Where he provides Ethical hacking related study material and video lecture, And now he is planning to setup an IT company where he will provide Services like :-

  • Web hosting
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Online Marketing

Achievements :-

  • He Setup & Became the CEO Of the Company at a very small age
  • Written Books Related to Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Technology, Science Innovation etc.

Education :-

  • Class 12th Student Preparing for IIT JEE 2019

Academic Achievements:-

  • Participated in Ethical Hacking Competition in IIT Delhi
  • Winner Of CBSE Science Exhibition
  • Idea Patent
  • Participated in WRO

Skills And Area of Strength:-

  • Ethical Hacking
  • web development
  • App development
  • Software development
  • Game development
  • Science Innovation
  • Science Inventions
  • Robot Programming

Aim :-

His Aim is Become a Scientist and World's Biggest influencer

Job Achievements:-

  • Founder & CEO Of "VARTIKA DEVELOPERS GROUP OF COMPANIES" under which we have Four Companies Mentioned below"
  • Founder Of "VD HOSTS" a web hosting company
  • Founder of "VARTIKA DEVELOPERS CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS" a company which Provide cyber security to Companies
  • Founder Of "VD Educators" a company which provide Online Education Related to Ethical Hacking And Science Projects etc
  • Founder Of "VD Shops" a company which provide you options for buying Book Related to ethical hacking, Science projects and you can also get Tool kits, Software etc

Book :- 

He has Written many book few of them are :-

  • Learn ethical hacking 
  • 100 Project ideas
  • Technical Talks
  • Cyber Security with Shubham Singh
  • Android Hacking tools
  • Introduction to hacking Tools
  • Introduction To WordPress